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Look what I got to quilt!  It's a pink themed Halloween quilt, to display at our local hospital during the month of October.  Pink because it's breast cancer awareness month.  The Jackson Hole Quilt Guild rotates a quilt display every month at our local hospital.  The nurses and patients really appreciate it.  We've had a hard time in years past trying to find a pink quilt for the October display.  So we had the bright idea to make a quilt just for that.  Different people made the applique blocks, others sewed them together with sashing and border.  I quilted it, and just handed it off to another member to attach the binding.  A terrific collaboration.

Last May I took a few classes from Judi Madsen in Salt Lake City.  I just LOVE her work.  So, you will see that she inspired this quilting.  

The bat bra block is the one that really got me started with the quilt designs.  The lady who made it drew a spider in a web on the cleavage, so clever and so easy to quilt that design!  

Judi had just posted an applique quilt that she'd finished that had bugs in it.  She gave the bugs motion by quilting a swirly design under them.  I thought the ghosts need that swirly design too.  Remember, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right?!

I used a wool batting, glide thread with magna glide bobbins.  Love those magna glide bobbins!  Angela Huffman is a great source for them and her delivery is super fast.

Thanks for looking!


bat bra block.jpg

ghost block.jpg

bat boob block.jpg

bra pumpkin block.jpg

cat block.jpg

circle of bras block.jpg

Hershey kisses block.jpg

jhqg pumpkin block.jpg

kittens in tree block.jpg

pink polka dot bra block.jpg

pink spider web bra block.jpg

sassy witch block.jpg

spider web block.jpg

tree block.jpg

witches shoes block.jpg

wtich in spider web block.jpg

68580D71558C5CD4FA14E80CBBEC4870.png  Millenium with Circle Lord, Bliss and IQ

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My daughter and I just adore this quilt. Everything, and I do mean everything, about it is just fantastic. We love Halloween and a Halloween quilt to support breast cancer awareness is just awesome. Just love it. 

P.S. I want a bat bra. :D


A good friend will come and bail you out of jail, but a best friend will be sitting next to you saying, 'Dang, that was fun'!

2017 Blissed Lenni and loving it!


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It is a wonderful collaborative quilt, and your quilting is outstanding.  It brings both a funning and serious side to the Halloween month.  Great job, and thank you for sharing.


May your threads be balanced, and your bobbin forever full….

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This is a huge smile full of whimsy!  Your quilting does a lot to enhance it, too.  I just took Judi Madsen's class on fillers this week at QuiltWeek Paducah, and I can recognize her influence on your designs.  


Spring Hill, TN

...always practicing on my "Lucius", always learning!

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