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variegated thread in bobbin

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When I took my serger class my instructer said not to use serger thread for regular sewing as they are thin and only two strands I think......just want to pass that on....I really don't know....but I don't use them for quilting or in regular sewing....just in my serger....which I hardly use anymore and I have a ton of serger thread as I used to pick up colors....which is silly.....I usually only use black, white, cream and grey for serging.....I think I have enought for my life in the here after.....Lin

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When I took my serger class my instructer said not to use serger thread for regular sewing as they are thin and only two strands

I believe that to be an old wives tale of quilting.  Here is an interesting blog post from a person that I would consider a well rounded an respected quilter;  http://freemotionquilting.blogspot.com/2011/06/thread-story.html  I think the big take away from Leah is experiment, and see what works for you.  

What one person says is the best thing since sliced bread, may be the worst thing for another.  Does serger thread have a higher or lower breaking point than 100 weight silk?  I have no idea, but I know of lots of quilters that use silk when quilting.  

Blanket statements covering all aspects of a situation or action I believe in many cases are false.  I compare it to a guild member telling me to never use monopoly in a baby quilt, as the baby could get their finger wrapped around a loop, and lose a finger or toe.  That made me have to investigate the matter.  When I did pull tests on different threads (cotton, polyester, and monopoly) and even long human hair, I found the monopoly to have one of the lowest breaking points.  Hair had a higher breaking point.  I just searched it, and babies have been harmed by hair getting wrapped around fingers and toes, but I have not seen many woman shaving their heads to prevent this possibility of harm.  https://www.nbcnews.com/health/health-news/hidden-hairs-can-strangle-babys-tiny-toes-doc-warns-f829933  If a quilt gets torn and ripped, is the actual thread from the fabric and less or more dangerous to a baby.  In the end, we all have to way the pros and cons of our quilting craft and do what works for us, and what we believe to be a safe or unsafe practice.


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8 hours ago, sewingpup said:

Thanks Cagey,

Maybe I will move on to using up some of my serger thread to quilt.....oh course by now, I also have an ample supply of Superior threads to quilt with too.....hope to live and quilt until I am 120......Lin

Don't we all. :D


Cagey, I think you are right about generalized statements. Too many of these "facts" come from one isolated incident.  Testing it for yourself is always the best way to go.

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