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loop in stitched random

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All of a sudden I started getting a random loop on both the top and bottom of the quilt.  I did a search of this site to see if it had been discussed and it had been.  The forum said adding a small piece of batting in the thread guide helped. 

Here is my problem.  I have the thread guilds mounted on the top of my Millie for small spools and also the one made by Hartley Fence for large cones so you don't have to keep running around the back to change the thread color.  It is when I use these thread holders that the loop problem begins.  If I place a cone on the back thread holder I have no issues at all.  Has anyone else had this?  You cannot place a piece of batting in any thread guild from the top and I have tried a net over the cone to no avail. 

Your insight is appreciated. 

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Missy:  The problem you're incurring is probably due to the change in geometry of the thread path due to the new spool position.  You're probably not getting full service from your thread take up spring.  Take a close look at how it moves when you stitch.  If it isn't moving the full rotation, it won't work properly all the time.  The solution would be to change the geometry, or rotate the tension assembly so that the take up spring works with the thread geometry you have with the thread path you now have.  Jim

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Good advice from Jim, as always. 

Usually when we see a funny random loop on top or bottom, that is a sure sign that the top tension is not TIGHT enough. Keep experimenting to include needle size and how you run the thread through the tensioner loops, etc... good luck! If all else fails, try using a larger needle. I use 4.0 and 4.5 a lot, depending on the thread I am using.

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