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For Sale: Bailey Home Quilter 13

Location: South-central Iowa

Asking Price: $3,000  (buyer must come and pick up the machine)


Just upgraded to an APQS Lenni so need to find a new home for my Bailey Quilter! Machine has lots of upgrades that make it a great machine for a beginner.

  •  12-foot wood table
  •  13-inch throat size
  •  upgraded all-metal rollers
  •  upgraded metal track and wheels to prevent wear
  •  stitch regulator
  •  front and rear handle controls
  •  laser system included for pantographs
  •  some pantos available with machine (machine throat can accommodate 5 to 6-inch tall panto patterns)
  •  INCLUDED: Six "groove boards"  and stylus that are 12-feet long to accommodate king size quilts or smaller -- each board is double-sided--therefore there are 13 total patterns

APQS Clive_20170927_151736_0002.jpg

APQS Clive_20170927_151736_0003.jpg

APQS Clive_20170927_151736_0004.jpg

APQS Clive_20170927_151736_0005.jpg

APQS Clive_20170927_151736_0006.jpg

APQS Clive_20170927_151736_0001.jpg

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