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Deciding on a Pantograph Size

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What size pantograph works best for you? I'm trying to pick out a few pantographs in order to offer my clients options, but I don't know what size would be to large. I have a Millie on a 12' frame, and the largest panto I have is 10 inches. The reason I'm asking is because I found one that is 14.5 inches, and I didn't want to buy it if it would be to large. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.

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i have all sizes so that i can look at the top and decide what would look best on it.  Some tops require more intricate dense patterns and others simple and open designs. The size indicates the width of the design from highest to lowest points.  Your machine will accommodate a wider design easily.   My recommendation is to have several different widths available so that you can 'audition' designs to the quilt top. 

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I would look at the density of the panto...they can be really wide and be either dense or loose and the same if they are small like only six inches...having a bigger panto just means you have to advance the quilt fewer times....how big you can go depends on the length of your machine throat.....I like few advances so I like the bigger sized ones......how dense or loose you want the design to be depends on the quilt and it's usage....for example.....I have a couple of scrappy quilts that I have done out of little pieces as small as one inch square finished....yep they are heavy because of all the seams....and yep....I like to make them even heavier by using a more dense all over design....my reasons.....you really don't notice the quilting much with all the little pieces and explosions of color.....and I want to stabilize all those seams as much as I can without making it like a board as I make these scrap quilts to be used.....I go for one that has maybe about one inch between quilting lines...so hope that helps...  Oh  and I quilt only for myself......Lin

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