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Seeking sit down movable long arm machine

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I am looking for a SIT-DOWN model long arm machine that is on a movable track table (not a stationary long arm machine) for finishing quilts. I have some degenerative spine issues and standing to use the long arm for any period of time is no longer an option. But I can sit for hours and still work.

I have looked at the HG 16, as well as the Avante. I have also considered a King Quilter on a shorter table. I am not tied to make and model at this time. Convenience and price are the deciding factors for me right now.

I work as an art quilter and thread painter. I have a studio in Southwest Virginia ( between Roanoke and Lynchburg.) 

Please let me know if you have a long-arm machine on a short work table for sale.

Thank you! 

Create Beauty ad fill the World with LOVE!

Wynn Creasy

Litte Old Lady Quilting


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