Sharon Deming

Quilting display quilts for local quilt store

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I have been talking to one of the local quilt stores about quilting their sample and display quilts. I am looking for guidance on pricing for the store. Do you charge them your regular rates? Give them a discount of some kind? How do you handle that?


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I do not quilt for money, so take my input with a grain of salt.  I believe you can only answer that question by know how many quilts they will be bringing you a month, and a few other questions.  If a normal customer brings you one quilt a month, do you give them a discount?  If they bring you multiple quilts a month, then I would believe they get some type of discount.  How much, only you can decide.

Are they going to share your name as the quilter, which will bring you more business.  If they do, then that is advertising, and I would give them a discount as that advertising would cost you money.

Any charges for quilting with the shop needs to be coordinated with the owner, to ensure your discounted rates are kept private, so you do not upset your normal customers.  

Best of luck to you.    


May your threads be balanced, and your bobbin forever full….

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