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Bobbin thingy

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It is the bobbin spring that keeps the bobbin from spinning wildly in the case when you are stitching.  Here it the video for bobbin care, and the information your desire is at 4 minutes 20 seconds.  Though it may be a good idea to watch the entire video;  https://www.apqs.com/bobbin-case-care-and-tension-adjustment/

Best of luck to you.


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It's called an anti-backlash or "no backlash" spring.  A lot of tension issues come from misbehaving anti-backlash (often referred to as simply "backlash") springs.  When you shop bobbin cases, you will often see the bobbin case offered as "no backlash" which means there is an anti-backlash in it.  It took me a while to realize that "no backlash" meant that there was a spring in the bobbin case, not that there wasn't one LOL.  Jim

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Jim, good comments and explanation.  I have large embroidery machines (6 and 10 needles)  they also use the same L bobbin as my Millie (convenient) without the backlash spring.  Don't want to confuse anyone but the also come with or without a pigtail.  APQS and Bobbin Central (Fil-tech) both have great prices if you have to replace the case and or spring.


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