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Great loss to our sewing community, Nancy Zieman

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I know most of you probably already heard Nancy Zieman lost her battle with cancer and is now with our father in heaven.  I never met her but felt  like she was a friend.  I learnt so much from her online show and looked so forward to watching it.  In fact,  I have 30 something shows on my DVR and her latest Nancy's Notions catalog in my brief case today.  She was on the air since 1982, retired 2 years ago but still was involved in the show and her other businesses.   I especially loved her anniversary show and her book "Seams Unlikely".  Let's all  pray for her family and all her fans, she is missed.

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So sad to see that she has died.  She seemed to have overcome many obstacles in her life, and to have achieved so much in the sewing community.  With all her videos, she will live on for generations to come.  I am sure she will be giving pointers and helpful tips concerning sewing/quilting in heaven and to the rest of us her on earth.  We will miss you, and pray for you and your family.  Stitch on Nancy!!!!


WPT will air Zieman’s last episode of “Sewing with Nancy” at 7 p.m. Nov. 23, Thanksgiving. Promotion manager Erik Ernst said Zieman filmed the episode before her retirement earlier this year.

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I had the great pleasure to take a class from Nancy at the Wisconsin Quilt Expo in 2016, and was able to meet her as well.  She was just so nice and so "regular" if you know what I mean.  Connie, I thought of her as a friend too.  It's like those of us who have a passion for quilting and sewing have a kinship.  I have been sad all week. Prayers for her family and thanksgiving to God for the gifts that she shared with us.

nancy and nancy.jpg

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