Can I use new wool duvet as batting for a quilt?

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First off, I am in no way shape or form a quailing expert.  With that being said, I feel more than certain that your Millie will stitch through the layers of your top and your duvet with no issue.  I believe the bigger question is why do you want to use the duvet verses normal batting and a backing?  

If the duvet is already quilted, when you quilt your top, is all your outstanding work going to show?  I do not think it will.  The extra layer of fabric between the top and the batting may pucker and probably is not going to fill the space between quilting as nicely as just batting.  As your granddaughter is truly quilt worthy, I for one would want all your hard work and effort to show.  For this reason, if it was me, I would use a high quality wool batting plus a backing, quilt the dickens out of the sandwich, and bestow it upon your wonderful granddaughter.  

Hopefully more learned individuals than I will share their words of wisdom with you.  I wish you the best of luck.


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Thank you for your input, it makes sense.  I was going to use the duvet as the batting between the sandwich but I see your point about the quilting on the duvet, although it's quite minimal it would present an uneven batting under the quilt top.  Guess I'll just get a duvet cover for it and offer it to her if she feels the quilt won't be warm enough for our Canadian winters.


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