? About Laser Light on '09 Freedom

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Happy Thanksgiving to you all! I hope your day is blessed with comforting food and friends and family!   Its just the Mr and myself this year. We both just want good hearty beef stew and garlic bread, so that's all cooking now.  We're getting down to the last 10-ish pounds of garlic remaining, so I've been processing it into powder and dehydrated minced (we grow all natural (organic w/o the certification) garlic) so you can imagine what smell my house is filled with!  It's strong, but smells so good with the beef cooking.

Being so very thankful with all we've been blessed with this year I'm taking a break from the kitchen to go get to know my new-to-me Freedom. One thing I'm finding quite different from my I/S on my Ulti I is the laser light connection.  Is it right that when I turn the Freedom on the laser light comes on and stays on unless I pull the RCA plug connection? I asked the seller who said it always just came on and stayed on while powered up. Did she, and now me, miss a button or switch?

Thanks, in advance, for your knowledge. And again, Happy Thanksgiving all!

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