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Which type of pen do you use? ... or which fabric?

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I have been asked to create a quilt using signature blocks from an event where each will be signed with a special note and name. To keep the messages short and sweet, I am using 2" x 4" blocks of white kona cotton pressed onto a piece of freezer paper for stability. I tried a sharpie permanent marker (ultra fine point) and it ran a lot. I starched the fabric and tried again. It didn't run as much, but now I want to see what it looks like after washing. (All blocks will be signed with black ink.)

I've heard horror stories about having a table cloth signed at a party and then once it is washed, the sentiments and signatures are gone. So my questions are: which pen do you use and is there a preferred fabric? Printed treasures is not an option-the fabric is not white. Should I use an RFD fabric?

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Go buy some inkjet printable quilt fabric, and then sign them; http://electricquilt.com/online-shop/category/printable-fabric-paper/

You can mark the full sheets with water soluble  marker so the signers can see the 2x4 block area they have to sign.  Be sure to stress to them that anything outside the blue mark, will not be seen on the final block.  I made the mark 1/2 inch from my sew line, as I was sure a few would not listen to my instructions as I watched them sign the sheets.  EQ will not say if the sharpie marker is permanent on their sheets, but I iron heat set them with no issue and washed them multiple times in my small test sample.  I used it in my Take A Vet To School quilt;  see 5th picture; http://forum.apqs.com/topic/41978-take-a-vet-to-school-day-quilt/  Most liked signing with the small fine point blue pen verses the black.  You can decide on the color depending on the other colors in the quilt top.

I hope this helps a tad bit, as you go forward.


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1 hour ago, iquiltit said:

what about those micro pens  they come in colors.

If you use the micron pens, try to get a .08 or even larger size point.  The .05 and .005 have tips that are so sharp they catch on the fibers and are hard to write smoothly.  the .08 or larger have a rounder tip and move across the fabric smoothly.


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Thanks for your help and advice. The request was to use black since that is part of their corporate colors. I looked at the EQ printable and it had the same problem as Printed Treasures- it is not a true white. I found a 08 micron pigma pen and gave it a shot, thanks Neher-in-law5 and Lisa C. That looked good and after washing, it still looked good. I also took a crack at what Cagey recommended. I took a larger piece of fabric, anchored it to the freezer paper, and then taped the corners to a piece of foam core. (Freezer paper was rolling up.) I used a blue erasable and drew lines giving each a 1 1/2" x 3 1/2" area to use, (but you and I know it will actually be 2" x 4") and added additional space between to accommodate the 1/4" seams. Everyone will be told to "stay inside the lines" and I have several helpers who will be watching. I've made each sheet to accommodate 20 signatures/sentiments. My thought was that if I had all those small pieces, I was sure to drop one and loose it. Tomorrow it's off to the art store for a dozen pens and more foam core.

Thanks to all of you, I have a plan.

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