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Don't know if you have had a long arm before....but I would encourage you to go slow with purchasing rulers until you have a chance to use your wonderful machine a bit.....if you absolutely have to get something.....I would make sure I get the ruler base that attaches to Millie......this is used to support the rulers you use on top.  I would also get a small straight ruler that is comfortable for you to use when you stitch in the ditch.....that would be a good place to start...and then add slowly...I don't have many rulers....but I only use one or two of them on occasion....More people will chime in I am sure.....Lin

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I love ruler work. So I have way more rulers than anyone should but that is partly because I didn't wait and see what was out there and what I would like.  Lin is right take your time and do get a ruler base.  My favorite rulers are ones with handles, such as Quilters Apothecary or ...

I can't think of the other brand but if you start looking you'll find them.

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I agree.  Get the Hartley base expander for your machine. With that you will get a straight ruler.  Then as you quilt and get accustomed to your machine, you will know what you want.  Judi Madsen has great rulers with a lip/handle on them for ease of use.  Jamie Wallen's rulers have the handle, too.  Do lots of research before just buying unless you want a lot of stuff lying around not being used.  You will know what you need as the need arises.  Good luck and have fun witih your machine.  

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