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I am stumped.  Have a customer who brought me a very large Medallion Mystery bom quilt.  I'm struggling with quilting ideas.  It has a large 36" medallion which is a large block with sashing around it.  Then there is a ring of blocks around the center of various sizes  8 & 16" blocks and there are odd size filler blocks.  The outside border is made up of 2 borders of different colors and sizes.  I thought about an edge to edge.  I've consider custom in the medallion and borders with some sort of meander in the odd size blocks.  Has anyone else done one of these?  Help


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On of the posters here has taken pictures of her quilts on fresh untouched snow.  They are beautiful.  So I am sure yours would be too.  Though its probably a bit nippy being outside taking them.

I have found hanging my quilts from our blind track above our sliding glass door works as a rather good quilt holder and backdrop.  


May your threads be balanced, and your bobbin forever full….

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I would start with asking what the customer budget is?  Does she want custom or e2e?  If she can only afford the e2e then deciding what all over design you want to do.  If custom I would do a light custom with cc in some of those block sections and treat each block on its own using just two or three stitch designs repeated in all of them as they fit the piecing. 

Pretty quilt, let us see the finished work.



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