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I purchased a used Millie from Dave Jones

I was put in contact  with him by someone I never suspected would do this to me.... but  I was wrong

My husband got 1   certified check  not 2 ....I cannot explain why he did.I do not live close to the bank.

Dave delivered a used Millie  to me with a table that was to be able to be raised/lowered.....

I had up graded to bliss( at full price .... was never told that all the things included included with this machine would be useless once the bliss was installed)

I got the whole snow job  DeLoa  stated  things were not working right  and that was not including the height of the table  I have 35inch inseam on my pants...without the ability to raise the table  as it was delivered  it is set for someone with a 25-27 inch inseam




I am so heart broken that I was taken



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I too, had a run in with Mr.Jones.

was told I was the second owner... nope , probably the fifth owner!

I was told he went through and cleaned and tuned her up...again, nope.

We bought her Feb. 2014 I'm sure he's been fleecing quilter for a long time.

maybe you should talk to someone at APQS main office to help you get your Millie working properly.

Through the goodness of ALL the very good people at APQS, I managed to work through the Millie issues I bought.

I had her for almost two years and finally bit the bullet and sent Millie for her Spa. I now have a wonderful machine.

You're not alone.  Good luck.

Bon in CO

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did he bring  his wife with him???

they were a wonderful tag team- she showed me what was not right told me he would fix it, ...

I am frustrated that I paid  extra for things  and I can indeed pay again....to APQS

I may go the route of sending this machine to apqs

certainly I'd love to see the Jones family stand by their work, and their promises  SO FAR they have not.





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Hopefully, APQS can get you up and running, and you will not be so disappointed with purchase of your Millie.  APQS makes them tough, so unless it was used commercially with zero maintenance for 15 plus years, I bet money there is still years of good life in her, once you get all the pieces and parts working together.  

That being said, if you feel strongly enough about the fact that Dave ripped you off, (I believe you do), you need to post a new thread.  You need to title it something like this "Dave Jones Long-arm Doctor Rip Off".  You then need to include a number of tags in the next block below in the thread post, "bad customer service, rip-off, rip off, long-arm doctor, quilt machine deliver, DeLoa's Quilt Shop, DeLoa, traveling spa treatment, traveling repair, long arm moving, APQS repair, etc.", so there are more opportunities that someone searching online here or the internet about Dave Jones, that the fact he provides poor customer service pops appears on their computer screen.

I do not like picking on Deloa's Quilt Shop, but their website continues to add credibility to Dave Jones by giving three posts concerning him under their FAQ section of their website;  https://www.deloasquiltshop.com/pages/faq  When I searched Dave Jones, it is one of the first links to appear. 


Q: Do you sell lights for long-arm machines?
A: DeLoa's Quilt Shop does not sell Lights. 

We may list lights on the site as a courtesy. Lights are made and sold by The Long-arm Doctor Dave Jones. You will need to contact him at 269.767.xxxx or at LongarmDoctor@xxxx.com.


Q: Do you buy and sell used Long-arm machines?
A: DeLoa's Quilt Shop does not buy or sell Long-arm machines.

The Long-Arm Doctor Dave Jones does deal with used machines, and we will sometimes list machines for sale on the site as a courtesy. You will need to contact him at 269.767.xxxx or at LongarmDoctor@xxxx.com.


Q: Do you service Long-arm machines?
A: DeLoa's Quilt Shop does not service Long-arm machines.

The Long-Arm Doctor Dave Jones does service machines. You will need to contact him at 269.767.xxxx or at LongarmDoctor@xxxx.com.

I edited Dave Jones's phone number and email address to not assist him with advertising his business.  


Jessica, Dave's daughter, has posted that Dave is not providing quality customer service, but for some reason, her bother continues to have Dave's contact information on their website;  http://forum.apqs.com/topic/41265-anyone-know-where-dave-jones-is/?tab=comments#comment-538124  She appears to have fixed it with APQS as Dave no longer posts under her mother's name, but why not remove the FAQ post on her mom's/brother's site?

You can also post on the following APQS threads here, and share your disappointing experience with Dave Jones Long-arm Doctor, so even more possibilities pop up when someone searches his name online.  Just write a clear and concise explanation of how Dave did not provide the service you expected, and then cut and paste it to all these links.  You may find more, but here are a few that I found for you.  I posted some of the oldest post first, as they discuss Dave's former quality customer service.  You can do your own search, but these will probably do the trick if you post on each and every one of them.  














You should also make some posts on the other quilting and sewing webpages you visit and/or FaceBook users groups you may frequent.  The best way to feel vindicated will be to cut off his customer base.  Your not the first to be taken by Dave, but hopefully with your input you can help lessen those affected in the future.

You may also be able to report him to your state tax agency for conducting business in your state without a license, and even the US Interstate Commerce Commission, as he probably crossed state lines to sell you your Millie.  It may not be worth your time, but if your ticked off enough, you may wish to go down this road.

 I wish you the best of luck, and hopefully you can help someone else from getting swindled in the future.  Take care, and have a Merry Christmas.  In the end, I am sure you will get your Millie up and running with no issues, except the bitter memory of Dave Jones.


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Hi Judi, 

I can't tell by your post where you live.  I live near Charlotte, NC and recently purchased a used Millie that needed some adjusting.  Zeke lives near me.  He came out to service and tweak my machine.  He is awesome.  My machine purrs like a kitten now.  The staff at APQS are great too.  I hope you get your machine up and running soon.


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It is truly sad to learn that Jessica; Dave's and DeLoa's daughter comes her to post to make it sound that her father is acting outside of the family business, and even states "to not do business with him."  It made it sound that DeLoa was no longer working with Dave.  Now you share that DeLoa and Dave came to your home, and setup a defective Millie.  Now that they have received payment in full, they no longer return your calls or attempt to correct any issues.  That being said, when you post your new thread, I would "tag" it with DeLoas Quilt Studio, Dee's Studio light, DeLoa's Boomerang, Boomerang, DeLoa's Angle Angel, Angle Angel, DeLoa's Appliguide, Appiquide, DeLoa's Puzzle Pearls, Puzzle Pearls, DeLoa's Rope-a-Dope, Rope-a-Dope, DeLoa's Clamsheller, Clamsheller, DeLoa's Wave, Wave, DeLoa's Castle, Castle, DeLoa's Little-One, Little-One, little one, DeLoa's Circle buster, circle buster.

You can also include Jessica's Edge, and Jessica's Orbiter.  While they are the daughter's rulers, and has her name on them, one would guess if they are going to recommend not doing business with the father, that they would have their products removed from their internet store site.

You can also try posting a review on Yelp or other online review sites.  Unfortunately, as they do not have a physical presence that I can find, it may be difficult to write a customer review and warn potential victims.  Never the less, with all this potential tags, Dave Jones reputation should be rather shot her on the APQS forum.  

Looking forward to reading your newest thread concerning Dave and DeLoa.  Please let us know who things work out getting your Millie up and running. 


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Cagey, I’m not sure why my name is being brought into a business transaction that I have nothing to do with. My rulers are made by my brother, who runs my mother’s website. I have no control over what they post or recommend. I live in the complete opposite side of the country and work very hard at providing ideas and products to this industry.  I have been in this business for going on 15 years and never have screwed anyone over. Why would anyone think it is appropriate to even bring up my name and attempt to bruise me with something I have nothing to do with? 

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You came into the situation by association.  An association, which it appears you fully support, and more so promote.

I find it interesting, as within 3 hours of me suggesting to Judi that she tag the name of your “Jessica’s Edge” and “Jessica’s Orbiter” rulers that you question why your name is being brought into a business transaction that you have nothing to do with.  Could it be because you are concerned about the good name of your business?  The exact reason Judi needs to update her tags to this thread, and to warn potential customers of Dave and DeLoa business practices.  

Here is why I mentioned your rulers, I took the time to re-read what you had wrote in April 2017 concerning contacting your father, and more importantly I took the time to carefully read Judi’s post.  In bold is what caught my attention.  


It is important for everyone to know that Dave is the one that posts under DeLoa's username.  I am trying to get APQS to take down the profile to prevent further damage to her reputation.  Do NOT do business with him.  My mom is an honest person that unfortunately gets tied to his messes and doesn't find out about his dealings until someone gets screwed over. She is often left to work day and night to rectify the situations. It is important to note, my brother, David (jr), runs her website and he is very honest as well.  You are fine if you go directly through her or the website.  They keep that separated from my dad. I'm not posting this to cause drama, just a warning to prevent future damage due to dishonest sales. I need to protect my mother and it has gotten to this point. My mom is an incredible person.


Yes indeed the memory of working with Dave and Deloa is quite bitter.

Are saying that Judi is telling a false truth, when she writes that she worked with both Dave and DeLoa?

You now share with us that your rulers are made by your bother, and that he runs your mother’s website.  Below is a picture I captured from your mother’s website, and which I might point out is still active at this posting.


What company name is that? 

While your brother may manufacture your rulers, I hazard to guess that Jessica Gomez (you) had to give both David Jr. (your brother) and DeLoa (your mother) permission to sell your product on their website, and to more importantly associate your good name with their business practices.  If Dave and DeLoa are not doing good business,  and taking advantage of the proverbial "little old quilter", you just may not wish to be associated with them business wise.  

Si cum canibus concumbunt, cum pulicibus expectamus surgere.



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Cagey, I never implied that Judi was telling a false truth. If I was able to fly across the country to her home at this very minute, I would.  I’m also still not quite sure why I am even on your radar in this matter.  (BTW, My last name is GAmez.) My brother is a disabled war veteran who cuts rulers for many different teachers and earns income from running the website. I will always support him despite my father. Given that our family dynamics are really none of your business, I can still love my family without being a part of unfortunate choices. How am I expected to know about Judi’s situation? Should l be on the phone with every potential quilter across the country? I honestly don’t have time to troll through forums to make every person aware.

  I was told about this post when a friend of mine on the forum sent me the link to this thread. If I have ever personally harmed or said something hurtful toward you, please accept my sincerest apology. You are making a conscious choice to attack and start a hashtag campaign against me and my products over something l have nothing to do with other than blood relation. I have personally dedicated a great portion of my life to this industry and helping quilters learn and advance in their skills. Your attacks on me are completely unwarranted and l kindly ask you to back off.

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Well I came to the forum for the first time in months and I'm shocked at the attacks on Jessica and her brother David and even Deloa.  I consider them all friends.  Judi I'm truly sorry that you don't have a working machine but that is 100% Dave Jones and sadly those related to him are paying the price...not fair.  I have to say that you will NOT find more honest people than Jessica or her brother David and any attempt to link them to their father's poor business just isn't fair or necessary.  Deloa's business is actually now separate from Dave's business.  Deloa is in fact married to Dave but I can tell you that she is not a malicious person, not a thief and sadly has no control over the horrible things her husband has done.   I am sorry that she has had to deal with all his bad deals and being put in the position she is in because she is one of the nicest people I know.  Jessica didn't even have to come to this website and warn anybody about her father and I'm sure it hurt her to have to do that.  She did it because she cares about others and would NEVER  do anything bad to anybody and certainly doesn't condone her father's poor choices.  Coming from a family that isn't always on the up and up I can tell you I sure wouldn't want to be dragged into their stuff like this and it just isn't fair.  Please don't attack David and Jessica, they are really good people and don't deserve to be treated like this.  Yes I will agree that Dave has problems and has done horrible things but Jessica and David shouldn't be sucked into it.  If I knew how to service the machine I would head to Judi's house and try to get her up and running.  I'm sorry it happened.    

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I am not sure but I think that I have met  Jessica,  in NewHampshire the year I bought my machine.

Dave brought Deloa  to my house when he delivered my machine;
SHE IS THE ONE WHO FOUND THE PROBLEMS- She Pointed them out to me. She Promised it [my machine]would be fixed!

so  please understand that I am frustrated.


I've been told she is wonderful and she might be  but in this instance  I can now spend >10,000  to fix what is broken and was not delivered to me.  And I am not rich, I cannot retire, I do not have $10,000  to throw out the window thanks to my experience with Dave and DeLoa.


Please believe me I have a few of DeLoa's books and many of the rulers that she and her son sell.

I just feel that I was run over "F'd"   and  I truly came out of it on the wrong end.......

I keep Hope that Deloa  is the person people say she is

and that Dave will just live up to the contract  nothing more--


I enter the sweepstakes every year  hoping  I can win a working machine  ---without the problems I have with my machine...

I want to be done with Dave and the mess I got into thanks to a "friends' recommendation.

So far he will not reimburse me or fix my machine  and DeLoa  for all of her wonderfull-ness has done nothing to help me

And of course I did not win a machine. So I am frustrated by people telling me how wonderfull she is...in this case I took her at her word too....so far that was as worthless as Dave's promises.





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I would hope that people do not drag Jessica into this

she is not either her mother or her father.


I do believe that I met her just prior to the delivery of my machine in Manchester NH, but again  she is not Dave or DeLeoa  and I never asked for her to be brought into this.   


there is a woman who is far more central to the mess   it is not jessica

it is someone I had stupidly trusted,  she introduced me to Dave  and she still schedules the tuneup/repairs that he does in massachusetts.....she was a friend    friends like that are a massive problem.

 Jessica  I am so sorry, it was not my intent to cause you harm.




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Judi, it's ok. Cagey is literally the first person to ever try to slander me after 15 years in this industry. I don't hold that against you. She just saw an easy target and went for it. Not that hard to do when you don't use your real name. I have a clear conscience and act with integrity in my every day dealings. I have no need to try to defend myself further from the bullying  and threats of derogatory posts that she has insinuated.

I will continue to try to help you resolve this. I truly care about your situation and I want to make sure you get taken care of. I'm not sure if we have met previously but I'm happy to meet again if you are at mqx this next year. 

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she continues to help him schedule tune ups  gets free tune ups for her machine  and has not helped in my case-  so  It is hard to not be  frustrated with her as well.

she talked so glowingly about both of your parents,

the person I look classes from whose studio rental times did not coincide with my time off.....also talked highly of your Dad and still gets her machines service by him.


Not sure why he thought I was an easy mark.

not sure why he chose to do this to me,

but here I am still waiting.


I am not planning to take any classes at MQX East- I do not have a tuned up machine I have a broken /missing table lift  it is hard to drive  see the beautiful machines and quilts knowing  I cannot use my machine in the condition it is in

so I am not sure I am going to drive up.

I did drive last year  had hoped to speak to your Dad to resolve this

 but that never happened

I look forward to any help in getting this resolved.



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Judi contact a lawyer and have him/her write a letter to Dave Jones to get this resolved. You as a consumer have rights. Jessica and DeLoa deserve a little respect. They are small businesses in a small quilting world. Reputation is everything to them. Please don’t ruin it!

Let the authorities handle this. File a lawsuit if you wish. That should get his attention!

Let’s all be nice and respectful and work it out through proper channels.  

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Hi everyone, I very seldom post or reply to posts but this one, has really upset me.  Yes, I have heard about the  dealings with Dave Sr.  after he had set up my older Millie a few years ago, luckily, I did not have problems.  I do feel Judi's  exasperation and the frustration of not having a running machine, but I feel this forum is not the place to accuse, slander and muddied others' names and ruin their reputations.

I agree with Shana, this should be a matter settled by a lawyer or a small claims court.  We must remember that one little " bleeding thread" can really  taint the whole quilt, so one ugly word spoken in anger can ruin friendships and forums friends in this instance.

Lets be civil and respectful of one another.  Merry Christmas to all!!!

Lucrecia Pawlak

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I started this topic  not the spew at Jessica  but the feeling that I had made a massive mistake in judgement in trusting someone I thought to be decent and their excitement of dealing with someone who sold used Millie's

I am not rich- I could not afford a new machine- I work tremendous hours in Primary health care so going to a place and renting a space using a Mille was not easy.


I am grateful to Jessica- she has offered to help.I  do not want to drag someone to court I really cannot take the time off from my job to go to court my husband was downsized from his job so I have to work---my hope was to just get the machine to the state it was supposed to be delivered in- I just want a working table lift and working machine( not partially working machine).



ps to update:  I've been advised to work around-not expect it would be made correct. In fact I've tried that the table shakes if you put it up on bed risers.It is extreemly unstable.

AND THAT SUGGESTION is  like asking someone to buy a used car  and stick their foot out the door to stop it.

not trying to be overly sarcastic.but really

I've been advised to just get over it


purchase a lift from APQS-again I am working hard not making ends meet and I do not have extra monies to spend twice for the lift.

I can  and probably will have an APQS person come and service the machine  my letter to   Dave Jone

longarmdoctor@gmail.com has so far gone unanswered. 


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  • 8 months later...


I'm right there in the same boat with you. In 2014, I had Dave upgrade my machine on the recommendation of others in this forum. While at my home, he did a great job - I thought we had a good working relationship. Then in May, 2015 we were going to move to another state and I asked him what I should do to have it packed up for the movers. He offered to me to come and pack it up and that he would deliver it to me when I was ready for him to bring it. Since I thought we had a trustworthy relationship, I accepted his offer. Now, 3 years later, after many attempts to contact him and moving to yet another state (and he has my contact info that I have left messages for him numerous times), I have yet to see my machine, or to hear from him or to get the money for the sale of my machine if he has sold it. 

To all of you who say this shouldn't be mentioned on this forum, I have to say, we have no other way of getting this known. There are several of us who have been slighted by Dave Jones so it's not just one person trying to slander his name. I have no qualms with his wife or his children - they've at least responded to me when inquiring of them. But this is so frustrating. And I know y'all think this needs to go to small claims court, but I don't have that kind of money to even hire a lawyer - I'm not a wealthy quilter. I started quilting for the joy of it when I've had money to buy the materials. I had to save up money to buy my used machine and then I saved up money to pay Dave to upgrade it. I don't have an endless bank account so going to court is not in the picture for me.


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I can only say Thanks, & may God Bless You for putting the information on this forum for all to see!!! I'm buying a new Lenni, But I've also been looking at a few APQS used machines(sold by owner), & had I bought a used machine Dave Jones could have sold/setup/moved my machine, so people in the Quilting world should be Warned. I'm not rich, & $10,000 is a lot...... of $ to my family!!! I feel like DeLoa should be held accountable also: She went to the house with him(so she is part of his business), said that the problems would be fixed, she is married to a him, so it's not like she doesn't KNOW he is stealing, & screwing people our of their hard earned money!!! If she can point out items that need fixing, she should fix them, or pay someone else to fix the machine. 

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