Quilting advice for Tumbler type design

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Hello All!  This is a wall hanging that I’m hoping to enter into a local guild show.   To date, I’ve done very limited all over quilting or pantos or Hartley Fence circles or straight lines on my own quilts.   

What I plan to do on this is to use straight lines following the direction of each block side...Hope that makes sense.  I’ve planned out the path to have fewer starts and stops, beginning with stitching in the ditch and then the blocks.  Before I do, because I realize this is going to be time consuming (glad it’s not that big), have you quilted something similar and if so, can you share what you did...with a picture if you have one?  Even if you haven’t, I’d love suggestions.  





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Share on other sites’s been quite a task and I’m doing the best of my abilities at this red hot moment.  It’ll be way over quilted with way too many stops and starts and SITDing...but I will have gained some much needed experience.  ;)

Nearing the end now...whew...will post when finished.  


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