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I just bought a used luxury.  The thread jammed in the bobbin basket.  It looks like I finally got the thread removed but the bobbin basket won't move beyond a certain point when its turned on.   It seems to be hitting a bar that sits in front of the basket but above it.    The machine did not come with a manual, is there one online or one I can buy?

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Welcome to the forum.  The bar is called a hook retaining finger and does stop the basket from turning.  If you watch the video on timing you will see the proper adjustment but it is something that shouldn’t need adjusting unless you are timing.  Most of the stuff in the manual can be found on the APQS website. From the APQS main page click on Support then click on Service Videos and you will find about a dozen topics to watch.  After you have used your machine for a few weeks I recommend you watch the video on timing.  Just about everybody has to do this a some point, it will make more sense if you can watch the video and compare it to your function machine rather than wait until you have a problem. 

Call the factory and see if you can purchase a manual but I suspect you will only be able to get one electronically.



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