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Quilters, I’m having an issue with a computerized design and I’m grasping at straws to fix it since this quilt is needed right away. I have Compuquilter so its hard to find answers when/if I have an issue like this but it may just be a computerized design issue and nothing to do with the program. I would appreciate any help you might offer....I truly appreciate it! Here’s the issue:

The first row of the quilt quilted about 3-4 inches past the place it should have stopped at the far edge. Then when it came back to zero, it was 3-4 inches short of where it actually started. I moved the head back to where it should be and reset zero. The second row is not ‘nesting’ correctly as it nears the right side of the quilt....the design is touching the row above and is overlapping a little at one point. The second row went 5-6 inches past the far edge where it should have stopped and when it came back to zero, it was 5-6 inches short of zero. I stand and watch it the whole time because I’m using monofilament and it breaks sometimes. I haven’t noticed any shifting or anything wrong with the quilting design. I don’t know what is causing it or how to fix it....can you help?  Thanks for any suggestions you might have!

Denise Cornett

Southern Quilts

APQS Millie and Intelliquilter

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I don't have Compuquilter either but there are a few here on the forum that do.  They usually speak up but may still be off on holiday.  You can get technical help by putting in a support request on the Intelliquilter website (yes Zoltan of Intelliquilter now supports Compuquilter).

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Denise:  I think Zeke runs a Compuquilter.  You might message him.

There is a forum here under computerized quilting that deals with automated quilting issues.  There is a Compuquilter sub-forum you should probably look at.  Don't know whether your issue is covered there or not.  Since Compuquilters have been discontinued for at least five years, there probably isn't much activity there these days.  Good luck solving your problem.  Jim 

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