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Help! thread shredding

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I am trying to get a panto done on a deadline quilt and the thread keeps breaking.  Have the same magna glide bobbin in with all breaks, the bobbin thread doesn't break or fray.  Seems to be a good bobbin.  I have slightly changed the tension on the bobbin and it seems good.  I started out with Magnifincgo charcoal gray thread and had two or three breaks immediately with the design.  I didn't even get through 6 inches of pattern.  Took that out and started again with Rainbows, a cone I have used before with good results.  Still getting the same fray/breaking.  I have changed needles twice, checked for burrs on the needle hole in the plate, around in the bobbin case and assembly, changed bobbin cases (no spring in either case) and used static guard. 

I have just finished a king sized DWR with no fraying/breaking problems and another king size many pieces kit quilt.  I have run a piece of pantyhose through all thread openings and holes that I can find, it was oiled/cleaned before starting.  What else can I try?  I had hoped to have this quilt done by Monday night to give to my sister to take to Japan.


Edited:  The fray/break always is right at the needle plate/bobbin length when I untangle it back in place.

Thanks for any advise and help.

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I was able to finish the quilt---King Tut to the rescue!  I flipped the pigtails (had used emery on them too) and checked the screw heads with nylon and emery.  I may have had the sandwich too tight, but  was able to do the whole quilt with King Tut without any breaks, just a funny catch when the magna bobbin was getting low.  I figure the sandwich tightness and winter humidity is probably the culprit this time. 


Thanks for the help.

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Thanks for all the encouragement and support.  I was able to hand the quilt off to one sister to deliver to Japan in a week when we took the previous quilt down to FL to celebrate another sister (early birthday, 6 months early!) with the quilt we made for her.  I will need to post the pictures when I get on the other devices.


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