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Do a Google search on how to load a guilt on a longarm and you will get a better explanation.    If you want you can roll the top right side up on to the quilt top roller which is the upper one by the window.  The back is attached upside down and rolled on to the roller closest to the window.  The other end is attached to the take up roller.



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I have an ULT2  how you load is the backing goes on the back bar,(closest to the machine) then take the backing to the front under the top bar to the very front bar and attach it there.  Make sure your backing is wrong side up.  Lay your batting on top of the backing.  Baste a straight line at the top of the batting securing it to the backing and giving you a line to butt up the quilt top to.  Take your quilt top, right side up, and attach it to the front top bar.  Roll the quilt top until the other end of the quilt top is where you can use the basted line on your batting/backing as a guide to pin your quilt top edge to.  Then baste the quilt top edge down.  You now have your backing, batting and top on your frame and ready for quilting.  Hope this helps

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