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I was wondering if anyone has favorite earphones that they use?  Are they noise cancelling?  I wear glasses and am not sure about the comfort of the kind that completely cover your ear.  I have the kind that go into your ear and have the different size pads but they are not wireless/bluetooth and the cord is annoying.  Any suggestions?


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Is your intent to block the noise or to listen to something else while quilting?  If you just want to block the noise...plan old soft form-able ear plugs of the kind used in industry would work very well....if you want to listen to something.....just be aware of how high the decibels can go directly in your don't want to have it loud enough to go deaf.....Lin

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I have some Bose On-Ear Noise-canceling headphones - Bluetooth so no wires.  Because of allergies - over the ear and in-ear make my ears hurt pretty quickly.  I tried the on-ear and didn't have the pressure and pounding problems in my ears that I had with the other styles. They fit tight-enough to block noise, but not confining.  I wear reading glasses and don't notice any problems.    Expensive, but I am very pleased with them.

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