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Christmas Quilt Project

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My sister took on an ambitious project in 2017. She made quilts for each of her 8 grandchildren for Christmas and I got to do the quilting for her!! Their ages range from 3 - 24 years of age. (Some of them were similar so I didn't post all the pictures - she did two of the zigzag (quake quilts)

It was fun project to do with her and since they were Christmas gifts I couldn't post them till now. Her grandchildren were quite excited to receive them and I'm sure will be treasured for many years to come!

IMG_0624.JPG.12aeaf0cdece04e1b149938e19d4e8a4.JPGIMG_0600.JPG.f41b9c134638eb1338eabb148a61b44b.JPGIMG_0566.JPG.750f0f9e6baf8661ce36f688adc284e0.JPGIMG_0555.JPG.1034cf3e0d4212f3d69f8d111d84eab9.JPGIMG_0486.JPG.5cbc81342d6e23ebd49e53164716c529.JPGIMG_0359.JPG.3a991b47b08cb00a395b90df6f62f20e.JPG  IMG_0238.JPG.5ababccd52cbba969f2f07b12f3a094a.JPG


Sharon Wall

Quilting with my ‘Mustang Sally’ (Blissed Freedom with QP)


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