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tension with Dream Blend batting

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Has anyone used Dream blend 70 cotton and 30 poly?  I am having problems with balancing my Tension.  I have the bobbin so loose (super bob) and the top tension so tight that the screw is sticking way out. I have re-wrapped the thread guides and even changed threads. Even though my bobbin is loose, when I pull it through the batting it feels tight. Has anyone dealt with this before?  top threads: 1st Gutermann,  2nd  Superior

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I would suggest you remove the bobbin from the case, then clean under the bobbin spring with a thin pin. Place the bobbin back in the case and recheck the bobbin tension. The batting should not be causing this issue. But you do need to reset both the top and bottom tensions so they are more equal in strength and sew a sample until you get the tension adjusted. I use a towa gauge and set all threads around 170-180. Any further adjustments I make are to the top thread. Jamie Wallen has an excellent video on you tube on how to set the tensions.


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I have already cleaned out the bobbin case and did get some fuzz out. I cleaned out the bobbin area to make sure nothing was caught. I usually can get good tension just by the feel. This has me baffled. The batting is the only new element. Maybe I will try a glide bobbin but I don't have the color I need. 

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I have used this type of batting without issues.  It has been a while so I don't remember any specifics.  I usually have a piece of batting soaked in mineral oil above the thread cone whatever the batting.  I am sure that I probably used it with a variety of different threads.  I am not sure this is any help to you other than suggesting that you try the batting/mineral oil if you are not already doing that.

Good luck finding a solution.

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Hi. I really don’t think it’s the batting. When was the last time you thoroughly cleaned your machine with WD 40? 

My suggestion is the following Things to try:

1) first thoroughly clean the machine. remove needle. Remove Thread, needle bar plate. Blow out. Then WD40 and oil treatment in bobbin assembly. 

2) remove top thread completely. Unscrew top tension knob out enough to get a q-tip in there and dip in rubbing alcohol to clean discs.

3) Change to larger needle. 

4) rethread using a different thread in top and a new bobbin. Maybe even a new bobbin case. 

5) readjust bobbin tension

6)  readjust top thread ( try a polyester like So Fine in top and bottom.

follow these steps and see if that fixes it 

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Betty Ann:  How tight is your quilt sandwich?  How much room do you have between the quilt sandwich and the needle plate?  Are you using a ruler?   All these can effect the bobbin tension.  I need to remind myself every time when I use a ruler, not to press down too hard, or the stitches become unbalanced.  Jim 

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Thank you all so much for all the suggestions and all were followed....but......

Thought I would update this topic. The glide thread worked but this customer really doesn’t like the shine. I thought this is not going to beat me. So ........I needed top tension tighter?

i changed my needle to a 19, mostly cause I ran out of 18s

I retreaded the machine and looped the thread through both holes on the thread guide above the tension disk. O

I took off the ruler plate and  took off  one paper side of the bobbin and “ voila “ it worked.  It is  great tension without having the tension knob and bobbin case at extreme settings. I wish I had done each separately so I would know which one worked or if it had to be both. This custom is primarily freehand with little ruler work so I might find out later. 

Hope this helps you when your stumped.

thanks again for all all the help.

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