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I bought the CraftOptics last summer and have found them very helpful. I use them when sewing binding, whenever I sewing on the domestic machine and I realize I'm having trouble seeing where I'm sewing.  Love then when ripping out stitches. I do use them on the long arm when I'm doing work in a small area.  But the widh of vision field is small, so if I need to see a larger area I can flip up the telescopes until I need to concentrate on a small area once again.

My vision is decreasing and I'll do whatever I need to be able to continue quilting. These are helping extend the time I can see well enough  to quilt. My family history on my mothers side that all became legally blind in their 70's.  Medicine has advance and at this point in time, my progression is slower. 

So are the CraftOptics worth the money? - depends on how bad your eyes are and how.much you want to continue quilting


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