Leanne Pederson

Quiltpath 3.05.06 design files. Which ones?

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I have been told that Quiltpath on my APQS machine is compatible with GPF, CQP, QLI, and DXF  files.

When I download these files and unzipped them and import them onto my laptop, the only files that Quilt path recognizes (that are visible in directory) are the GPF files. 

Do the  CQP, QLI, and DXF  files need to be converted so they are recognizable to Quiltpath?

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Leanne, first of all, there's a video on YouTube about Importing Patterns on the APQS Quilt Path channel. But to answer your question, GPF is QP's native format and just needs to be copied into the Patterns folder on your tablet.  The other formats need to be imported using the Import PlugIn in Design & Create/Pattern.

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