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Here are a few pics of some recent quilts.  My customer did a fabulous job piecing a Cleopatra's fan quilt.  I used Hobb's wool batting and Metro Pro thread.  I stitched the same design in each block, but in some the thread blends too well and you can't see the quilting. The narrow brown border has a leaf type feather and the outer border is curved crosshatching.  My photographing ability leaves a lot to be desired.

The pinwheel quilt was made by my daughter (pictured) for the woman who has kept her baby for a few hours each week.  Yes, that's my first grandbaby, Raylee Grace.  All quilting stops when she's around. 

Cleopatra's Fan customer quiltPinwheel quiltPinwheel quilt


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17 hours ago, EHonour said:

The fan quilt has a shine to it.  Either your photography is really special, or that material itself has some sheen to it.  Which is it?  The quilting on both looks really good.

The fabric is some sort of fairy frost type tone on tone....very opulent looking fabric. I quilted pebbles in the background of each of the blocks.

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Everybody has already beat me mentioning the shine on the top quilt but it looks like ice or snow on top of the white.  Absolutely beautiful.  

Love the pinwheel quilt.  My first quilt ever to make was pinwheel so pinwheels always hold a special place for me.  Beautiful.

Mother and Raylee are beautiful too.  Not sure who looks happier....mother or daughter.  LOL


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