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Where I would be checking is the mag collar adjustment.  Have a look in your manual and see if you can find it.  It is not in the manual I have but was in the manual that went with the Millie we just sold so I can’t give you the proper instructions.  Stopping in random places would lead me to think the collar has come loose and is moving around.  If you don’t have it call the factory and they will help you diagnose the problem and email the exact instructions for the fix.  If it is the mag collar it is not that hard to adjust.  Also when you get a chance fillin your profile so we can see where you are, quite often another quilter nearby is willing to help.


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The first thing you need to check is your #8 screw.  If you have your manual, you can read up on it.  A small adjustment can help with the needle taking more stitches than it is supposed to.  If that doesn't work, then I think you need to contact maintenance and they can help you from there.  

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