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sewing up,, Sounds like you've been going through a lot. Thats right, stay positive! Spring is on the way!

And i have not been entering everyday. I just keep forgetting. Im way too busy this year. Last year I did very little vegetable gardening because of quilting. This year I started my seeds early so I will be able to have a very big garden to work this summer. And still longarm on my Lucey!

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I love to garden....and I love eating what comes out of my little garden.....I share the work and garden with my sister's family who lives next is a very small garden...actually my sister took down the fence (lots of deer) and pulled up the wooden logs last fall as she decided she did not want to pull the garden hose way back there...Her husband is supposed to be building a small raised bed garden closer to the hose....I am so hoping it gets done...the growing season is so short up here in northern Minnesota.....anyway...we also have a raspberry patch and as I had my rotator surgery in May and my sister broke her arm shortly after....the birds ate most of the raspberries and no jam was made...I have one little half-pint jar left!  Hopefully, we will at least make jam this summer.....hopefully I will get at least some flimsies' made into quilts before the growing season happens.....we have not started seeds indoors...we do plant some seeds in the ground and get little tomato plants...and herbs to put in pots on the sunny side of the houses.....lin

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