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My studio is getting a facelift

Mary Beth

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Isn't it exciting?!!!!  Oddly enough, we are doing the same thing at our house.  I feel your pain!  Although ours is only paint and flooring, but it's the entire basement level.  I'm so excited be rid of ancient carpet and green walls and have an opportunity to reorganize my sewing room.  We've been in our house over 10 years so it's long overdue.  Purging as we go.  It's going to be awesome!

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12 minutes ago, Gator said:

Looking good, you have an outside door?  A new Millie will be sexy in the new space.  However, I found that no matter how big our studios are, we could always use more square footage.  Is the ladder sign for you, lol.  I think I remember someone falling through the attic?

Wow!! We just never forget. Lol. I remember the panic in my mind wondering how the EMTs would get my body half way out of the attic/garage, and place me gently on the gerney. Lol. There is still a hole, and the sheetrock that I tried to put back. Oh boy....them were the days. 

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