Comparing APQS Millie with Handi Quilter Infinity

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Please help me decide between these two machines --- APQS Millie and Handi Quilter Infinity

My husband and I are planning to purchase one of these machines by summer to start a home business for machine quilting.  We also plan to buy either the ProStitcher or the IntelliQuilter software for the machine, because that is the primary focus for developing our business.   I DO want to do my own custom quilting manually on my machine, but that won't be the type of quilting I will do for our customer base until I master the techniques for myself.

I know this is an APQS board, but I know that there have been reviews and comparisons of other machines here as well.  I would so much appreciate any insight from anyone who has used both brands of machines to talk about quality, features, and service.  What is it that I MUST know about either machine that could seriously impact my decision?

My husband is learning toward the Handi Quilter machine now, primarily because of the difference in cost and that the dealer is less than 1 hour away from where we live.  The Handi Quilter does have a financing plan of no interest charges for up to 5 years which is VERY attractive to both of us.  

I like the APQS because of its lifetime warranty,  and I prefer the design and sturdiness of the table that it comes with.

Trying out both machines hasn't really shown me any preferences in easy or functionality of one machine over the other.  But, then again, I have not done any longarm machine quilting before either.

I don't want to be too short-sided, however, and make a decision on cost alone and wish that I had considered other features before buying.  Hence, my questions to those of you kind enough to read my question.  :)

Thank you!



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I would check to see if the Handi Quilter allows you to make simple repairs and adjustments yourself, or if you have to ship it back to the factory.  On the APQS machines we can do many things ourselves.  Help is just a phone call away.  If it is necessary to ship the machine back to the factory it can become costly quickly.

Good luck with your soon to be business.

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It looks like there is only about a thousand dollars difference in price until you add some options.  Another way to look at it is what is the value of the machine you buy now going to be in five or ten years compared to the purchase price.  I suspect the APQS will cost you less over that time period.  Also there is quite often factory overhauled used APQS machines with new tables and warranty at a very good price.  Check the events calendar for a Road Show or Quilt Show because they always have special show pricing.  Having good tools always makes the job more pleasurable so buy the one you think is best for you.

APQS always encourages us to service our own machines and is very good with detailed instructions should you ever have to do a repair.

Just my 2 cents.


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Lisa:  If you're really planning to go into business, buy the APQS.  The machines are better, and the product support is unmatched.  Owners can do almost any service required on APQS because of the simple design, and factory support both with parts and hands on help.  I can't say enough about how helpful the folks in Iowa are.  You'll still be using the APQS you buy today, twenty years from now.  When you're your own service person, you don't need to worry about how close the dealer is.  Jim

P.S.  I own a 21 year old APQS, and would be hard pressed to find another machine I'd rather have.

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I can tell you that I was in your same situation several years ago. I did extensive research for nearly 5 years on every long arm machine I could find. My husband is an engineer, so I asked his opinion on each machine. We started going to quilt shows where long arm dealers would have machines set up that you could try out. My husband says that everything about the APQS machines is top quality. The frame for one is seamless, and the machine glides across it enffortlessly. All the other frames were pieced or made out of aluminum. Only one other machine had a solid steel frame, but it was unbelievably loud. Originally, I was limited on space so my only option was a sit down machine at the time. Once I discovered APQS, I always seem to be drawn to their machines. The quality, warranty and customer service cannot be matched by any other. 

I nearly purchased a sit down machine that was less expensive, but my instinct kept pulling me toward APQS. I finally made the decision to purchase George and never once regretted it. That was 3 years ago, and I have since upgraded to Millie!!!!!!!! I can tell you that my APQS dealer is nearly 2 hours away, but she's just a phone call away if I need her as is APQS Ccustomer Service. This company truly stands behind their machines & they consider anyone who purchases one a member of the APQS family. These machines are also handcrafted in America which my husband liked very much. I can't express to you enough how wonderful this company is or that I absolutely love my APQS machine!!!!!!

I could go on & on about why you should pick APQS,  but you need to test each machine several times & decide for yourself. Good luck.


Happy Quilting,




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Go for the Millie. I researched a lot before getting mine. The quality of the frame and smoothness there is no comparison. Even very old APQS machines are still running well, and I've seen many Handiquilter machines DOA after a few years of hard use. They just aren't made as sturdy. And the APQS machines have outstanding customer service.


Sonoran Sky Quilting 

Tucson, AZ

2017 Milllie

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