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APQS Millennium 2010 with Bliss, motorized advance, hydrolic lift, Quilt Glide, micro drive handles, ruler base, Hartley table, Hartley bars, zipper leaders, AND IQ on a 12'table. In good condition. Runs well. Location is Orlando FL. Only $16000




Wandering Stitches

5818 Hoffner Ave, Suite 905

Orlando, FL 32822


Come and visit me in Orlando, Florida

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Hi Lisa,

Am interested in your Millennium. Have rented the Millie at my local dealer's shop, but never owned one. I am wondering how difficult it will be to learn on my own, without the new owner class. How different is the 2010 from a newer model - say 2015+ models?  All the features you list are the ones I am interested in, but not sure if everything else is the same.

Also, the IQ; is there much difference in the 2010 from current models and has your's been updated?

I live in Asheville, North Carolina, not too terribly far.  Just got back from AQS Quilt show and very excited to begin!

Thanks and any information is appreciated, you can reach me at or 704-472-0299.



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