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I have decided to upgrade my longarm, so I need to sell the longarm that I am using now.  Located in Lanesboro Minnesota and I am asking $9000.    It had a spa treatment in November of 2016 ($1500).  The machine runs great and I am using it now. 


Electronic Directional Locks

Lower Thread Cutter

12 ft. Table

L bobbin

Automatic Fabric Advance

Hartley Base Expander

M & M Wheels

Micro Handles

Instruction Manual

Laser Stylus

Top Tension Gauge

Original Boxes

Extra needles, bobbins and pantographs

   Buyer must pick up and together we will disassemble so you know how to put it back together in its new home.  Please contact Cheryl at 507 467-4466 or cheryl.lamon@gmail.com. 


accessories - Copy.jpg

Front of Millie - Copy.jpg

Mille1 - Copy.jpg

Mille2 - Copy.jpg

Millie from Side - Copy.jpg

Roller Advance - Copy.jpg

rollers on Millie - Copy.jpg

Side of Millie - Copy.jpg

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I was searching the internet for used long arm quilting machines and found you!  I live in Mound, MN and am a table top home quilter and am interested in a long arm machine.  

Your's looks like a beautiful, commercial, large machine/frame that may be a bit much for my home use.  The price is right though.  Do you have any recommendations?  

(I may need to convert my 3rd garage stall (which is not currently in use) into my new quilting space with this machine. )

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If you are going to get a long arm, I would get the large frame and that way you can also quilt those king size quilts.  It does take space but it sounds like you might have a place that would work for you.  Thank you for inquiring about the machine and if you have other questions, please let me know.  It sews beautifully.  Cheryl

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