A Pattern I created and Published

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I have been working hard to make quilting and quilt related items a full time job.  One of those projects was to publish my own patterns- something I had dreamed about doing for years and years.

I have quilted wholecloth designs for clients before, and for promotional items for a few dye artists.  Everybody raved about wanting to learn to do it, so I decided to create a line of patterns that would teach people.

My Choose Your Own Adventure patterns let you create over 200 different quilts from a single paper pattern, by mixing and matching various design options.  They also teach techniques for filling spaces, free motion quilting, and ruler work.

Here is a picture of two quilts created from the first pattern.  Cindy Rich, of Twisted Sister Quilting, also quilted one. I don't have a picture of hers to share, but she has it on Facebook.


To learn more about it, go to my blog  or the store pages.




8259635bf834a637a7febcce54170daf.png Sweet T's Custom Quilting Finley, TN  (731)-445-6411

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