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Vicki:  The Ultimate II is a non-regulated machine, so the number of stitches per inch is controlled by the operator.  The slower the machine is moved, the greater the number of stitches per inch.  The faster it is moved, the fewer stitches per inch.  Similarly, the speed control also affects the number of stitches per inch.

It's been a long time since my Ult2 was non-regulated, so my experience is a way back, but it seems to me that I used to run it at about 7 on a 10 point speed scale.  For a beginner I think starting slow would b e good plan.  Get yourself something to practice on and, and begin.  Start and stop.  Try different speeds.  In a couple of hours you should feel comfortable, and settle in on the speed that suits you.  Good luck.  Jim

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I have Lucey, and with the stitch regulator I run it about 10. Without is what I usually use and run it about 12-13 depending on what Im quilting. When I first started longarming I started a little bit slower. Hope that helps.

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