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Been doing some small, simple stuff that I thought I'd share.  This first one is a charity quilt kit that Beth got from an organization, to return for their distribution.  I like the bold colors in it.  It's been sitting around waaaaay too long, so I popped it onto Lucius to play a bit.  I did a nice "falling leaves" pantograph in the center and then a free-hand cable-like pattern in the borders.  Fun to just create a border!  Now to finally send it back...


Two years ago, right after getting Lucius, I did a panel baby quilt like this for a friend.  Now another friend has just had twins, and I discovered that my resourceful wife had actually bought FOUR of these panels for her stash!  So we pulled out two more of them and did contrasting backing and border flanges for the twins.  I was also really sneaky and loaded both baby quilts onto Lucius at the same time!  The panto is one that I created for that first quilt, so I lengthened it and just ran it all the way across both quilts.  (Well, I had to adjust the laser between the quilts to keep the lions and elephants from being cut by the edges.)  More fun.


Keep stitching, everyone!


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Ines, I'm sure Eric will chime in soon.  I float all my quilts but use the pvc rings/clamps to stabilize the end that drapes over the bar.  If my red snappers are in the way, I also use two long magnets that I got a Harbor Freight (just be careful not to drop them on your feet).

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On 5/7/2018 at 8:42 PM, InesR said:

How is it that on the last photo of the dual load that it is tucked up? If I don't have a top pinned, it hangs straight down but yours seem to be anchored somehow.

Sorry to take so long answering; I've been off on a business trip.  When I float a quilt, I use these metal spring clamps to hold the near edge.  Got the idea from Angela Huffman when I took her startup lessons.  


But to be honest, I usually prefer to fasten the quilt to the top roller rather than floating it.  That helps me to keep the edges straight and the same width.  I only float it when it's a quick little project like these.  

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