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Thread occasionally jumping out of pigtail guides on Ult.ll

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Occasionally when I'm quilting along suddenly I will notice that my tops stitches look loose, that's when I notice that my thread has come out of either the pigtail guide on the side of the machine or the one above the needle. I've tried tightening and loosening  my tension which hasn't helped and changing it either way more will effect my stitch balance. Why is this happening and what can be done to stop it? I have an Ult. ll and I'm using glide thread and prewound bobbins. 

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Crazy:  Have you been missing stitches at all as you quilt.  I've noticed on my machine, when I miss a stitch, the thread goes slack, and only tightens up again when she makes a stitch.  It could be that you're occasionally missing a stitch or two, and that is when your thread "jumps" out of the guide.  If you find that to be the case, then timing is probably behind the problem.  Check your timing, and re-set if it not spot on.  Good luck.  Jim

One additional thought.  Is your presser foot setting too loose?  That might cause a problem as well. 

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I have an ULT11, sometimes my thread would leave the thread guides...so I got some fishing rod guides (the circle things that you thread the fish line through on the rod) and glued them in several places on my machine to help keep the thread in proper line.  I no longer have my thread jump out of the guides.  

Another thought.. check your needle shaft...if there is any play in the shaft then it needs to be replaced.  Also, what Jim said...make sure your timing isn't off on your machine.

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