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I have my new machine and have been to the training. I’ve done some practicing and would like to get started quilting on a top that’s been waiting, and now realize I have so many questions.

i plan to quilt a motif inside pieced  triangle shapes. Then I will do curvy lines across  the entire background.

My two main questions: 1. Do you always stitch around (outline / stitch in the ditch) around all your elements - in this case, the pieced in triangles?

2. To make sure all my wavy lines don’t start going at an angle instead of keeping even horizontally, should I pre-mark guidelines ? I’m picturing horizontal stripes as guides all down the entire quilt.

Please help! That seems like a lot of marking.

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SID stabalizes your quilt, so it's a very good idea to do that first.  You can do just the area you are working on, or the whole quilt.  If you do the whole quilt and will be rolling back and forth, you have to pin (or baste) the unquilted areas - pins a minimum of a hand width apart.  For the wavy lines, is there piecing lines that you can use as a guide? If not just give yourself a few registration marks to hit - just a tick mark every 8 - 10 inches or at whatever point you feel that you will be able to quilt to without leaning to one side or the other.  Hope this helps.  Have fun.

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Thank you! Your post is very helpful.

I think I will  SID the triangles as I come to them.

 There are no piecing lines that would be useful as a guide for the horizontal curvy lines.   I do like the idea of making registration marks - I think that should be enough to keep me on track. 

I’m nervous, but feel it’s time to dive in!  I appreciate your help!

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