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Does anyone know why my machine would be stitching fine on top and most of the stitches on the back are ok. But moving my machine right to left or diagonal the stitches seem to flatline. I’ve tried everything. Tension, new needle, thread. I’m not sure what else to do? 


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If your tension is tight on top, and the bobbin tension is moderate, and you're still getting flat lines on the back, your quilt sandwich might be too tight, or your hopping foot may be too low.  It could also be that your leveling roller is set too low, causing the quilt sandwich to forcefully drag on the needle plate.  Check them out as well.  Jim

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I was having this same problem recently and it is so frustrating.  I made several adjustments and finally got it corrected I think, although I have a lingering issue of my thread not so much shredding, but unwinding itself and eventually shredding when I go right to left more than about four inches at a time.    Using Glide 40 wt top, 60 wt bottom.  Also, I started getting small loops on top randomly and a couple of small nests on the bottom.  But here are some of the things I changed....I noticed my tension spring wasn't moving a whole lot and had little to no snap back in it.  Found the instructions in my manual to remove the tension assembly and adjust up the spring.  I think it had become dislodged in the slot inside and also it was resting too low, so set it up to the 10-11 o'clock position.  Now I think it works as it should.  I recently had added the Hartley cone holder on the front of my machine, had read something about it sometimes causing issues, so moved my thread cone back to the back of the machine to alleviate that in the equation.  I changed the needle and I also changed one of the pig tails that had a sharp spot on it, the one just before the needle.  Finally, I positioned  the needle eye at about 6:35ish. I think this and correcting the tension spring had the biggest effect on the tension flatlining.  As I've been under a time crunch so haven't had the time to follow through as I think the timing needs a little tweaking in the needle flex to get the right to left shredding issue alleviated.  At least now when I adjust the tension it seems to remain more consistent.  I haven't been able to connect with APQS yet, a bit of telephone tag.  Now if I could get the vibration issue I'm having sorted....


I just traded my Lenni in on a demo Lucey before Christmas and have done very few small projects on Lucey. I've really been questioning my decision..

Kathy :)

2017 APQS Lucey

Janome 6600P


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