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Quilt shifts to the right during pantograph use

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As I stitch a large quilt using a pantograph, I notice that consistently the layers, even though I know I have them squared on the rollers, shift to the right when standing at the back of the machine.   I consistently am starting the right side of each pantograph row further into the right and ending on the left side before I've reached what was the original marked start.   The quilt is pulling to the right each time I advance it even though I mounted it squarely.    What am I doing incorrectly? 

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  I also notice that occasionally I will see where there is some shifting even with basting both left/right sides with each advancement.  When quilting right to left consistently..the stitches and pull of the machine going over the quilt, will make the top shift ever so slightly.  To avoid this, quilt from both directions... right to left next row left to right.  Some panto patterns will make this difficult to do both directions.  I haven't found another way to do panto's to avoid the shifting.  

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