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SOLD 2015 APQS Longarm Quilting Machine (Millennium) with Quilt Path (computerized system)

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Helping a friend.

A friend is downsizing and thinking to sell her APQS quilting machine. She asked for my help in getting the word out. 
It’s a great buy on a machine that has been used very little. She does not use it for business, mostly for her personal quilts.

If you know of anyone who might be interested, they can email me, respond to this ad, or send a personal message to me.

Email: Georgene@GeorgeneQuilts.com

2015 APQS Computerized Millennium FOR SALE

• 2015 Millennium (new generation White), top of the line.
• Comes with
o Quilt Glide
o Turbo Bobbin Winder
o Bobbin Thread Cutter
o Electronic Channel Locks (both vertical and horizontal)
o Interchangeable Hopping Foot Capability (feet purchased separately)

APQS Quilt Path computerized system, with Microsoft Surface Pro tablet and stylus.
• Quilt Path Software
• Many computer designs.

Deluxe 14’ Table (maybe a 2005 model)
• Automatic Power Fabric Advance. The touch of a foot pedal advances your quilt.
• Table does not have the Bliss rails. Bliss is recommended if you do a lot of free motion quilting, but is fine for computer guided.
• Bliss rails can be added to the existing table for $3,000.

ASKING PRICE: $17,000 
Would cost $32,998 new.
A savings of $15,998

• Machine is like new, used very little -- for personal quilts, not used for business.
• Could deliver within reasonable distance.
Located in Chesapeake, VA
• When purchased, the machine and computer were professionally setup by a certified APQS rep.

$18,900 Machine with deluxe table
$ 9,500 Quilt Path (computer)

$ 1,250 Quilt Glide
$ 1,350 Power Fabric Advance

$ 130 Base Expander

Plus Shipping ($450) and 6% sales tax ($3,130) for a total of 

1. The machine itself would not come with a lifetime warranty. 

2. However, all future Quilt Path upgrades would be free to the second owner.
3. If future service is needed, we have a local (York County, VA) certified technician who would come to your house (within local area) and service it for you. 
4. He could also setup and install the machine (within local area) for $500, which is standard for APQS machine installations.

Overhead Lighting System (homemade - see picture)
Hartley Base Expander (for ruler use)
15 Cones of Thread (So Fine and assorted others)
13 Pre-wound Bobbins
5 Empty Bobbins
1 Bobbin Case
9 Needles
1 Set of Red Snapper Clips (for mounting quilts)
Many Computer Designs

All for $17,000

Glenna Machine.jpg

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