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CompuQuilter Problems

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Sue,  Yes, I have checked the stitch length and that is not the problem.  My Millie acts like she is not even connected to the CQ.  

I have checked so many times that the CQ is on and the gray box is turned on,  and that all the wires are connected and nothing helps.  

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I'm late with this reply but it may still be of use to some.  Back in 2014 the Milli started leaving the needle down when it was moving the head. ( I don't use the machine I just fix it so please excuse me if my terminology is off.)  I got hold of someone named Dave, not sure how but he steered me to the junction box under the back of head.  It has a number of cables going to the head and one going the the PC.  One cable goes to the AUX port on the head and another to the box on the top front of the head with the stop button. The problem I fixed was with the AUX port cable. A wire had come off a connector.  I've attached a photo. I had to replace the cable and the connector. After checking the other connectors I secured all of them with twist ties.  My guess is the wire was accidentally kicked and the connector wound up taking the stress.  The blue had come loose.BrokenTab.jpg.d91822b966aceb5318e4e0b226a7ce4e.jpg

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