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HI Bonnie,

I don't have a 790....but have a Bernina 630....never got the embroidery arm for it.  but did get and use the stitch regulator.....I have had this Bernina for quite a while and have used it mainly for piecing and I love using it for that....I was thinking about getting a newer one...but our Berina Dealer left the area and another one has not come....I would definitely consider Bernina as a potential new purchase.  I would however, check out this potential machine...these machines have a lot of computer cards and finding a good service person for them would be important.  Is this a pre-owned machine?  has it been recently serviced?  I would check things out..they are pricey...Bernina's can cost as much or more than a long-arm.....but I think are harder to service than our longarms….Lin

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Glad you are enjoying it!  I really am sad that we don't have a local dealer anymore...it would be about a 2-3 hour drive for me one way to the nearest one...do-able....but....not convenient...I will keep on stitching on my 630 until she goes down...good thing I have a Lucey also for the quilting!!!!!!

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