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Hi all.  Thought I would check and see if anyone knows of a pattern for the Moda line "Follow Your Heart."  A friend sent me a kit without a pattern.  She wants me to make the quilt but I have no idea what the original quilt looks like.  She has had a stroke and can no longer sew and bought the fabric several years ago.  Her speech is impaired so she's not able to be much help.  I've looked on Etsy, Pinterest, eBay, Moda, and the designer's (Kathy Schmitz for Moda) site.  Found one partial picture, but that's it.  Anyone remember this quilt or pattern?  I would love to do this for her but don't want to disappoint her if I wing it and come up with something that doesn't look like the original.

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I did contact the designer of the fabric line, but still waiting to hear back.  The heart pattern isn't the one for this fabric line.  The name of the line is Follow Your Heart, but it's not a heart quilt.  It's unclear if it was something a shop came up with or Moda pattern.  Most manufacturer's do have freebie patterns for popular lines of fabric.  I was hoping it was one of these.  My friend is just unable to articulate or remember.  I did find a partial picture on Etsy, but no luck on seeing the whole quilt or finding a pattern.  If I could find a pic, I would just copy it so it looks similar.  I was hoping someone might recognize it!  Thanks for looking!

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