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Base extender drag

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1 hour ago, judyb2 said:

Thank you for this information, i am noticing a lot of drag all the time the extender base is on,

guess I’m just not used to it. Might be pressing down on temple too hard.

any ideas will help.

Yes, there is a "delicate but firm pressure" to apply while using a ruler/template. If you push too hard down it will cause more drag. Experiment with a firm amount of pressure to keep the ruler in place, but not pushing down too much. 

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Thank you both for your hints, I am a newbie here, but bought my first apps machine in 1990, have stepped up and now on my 3rd machine, mostly pantograph and free motion quilting for years.

i am retired from quilting for hire and have time to play around with templets on some of my own tops.  

So much fun, .but a learning process, old habits are hard to change.   Thanks, judyb in NM

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There are some rulers and templates out their that have a bit of "sticky" treatment on them to help the template/ruler stay put with lighter pressure....you might try something like that also.....some people use them upside down to make the template/ruler stick to their hands/fingers a bit...whatever works!!!!

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A couple of things I found and remedied...


1. the Hartley ruler base edges are square cut, so fairly sharp and can cause drag. So my husband gently sanded the edges for me to round them off a bit so they don’t “dig in” to the quilt as you move the machine. 

2. Around the machine’s needle plate there was a height/depth difference between the needle plate and the ruler base. In speaking with APQS about this, they provided small washers to insert under the plate to raise it and was able to match the height. It’s really only an issue when you use rulers I found as you press down on the quilt a bit when using a ruler a seam can catch in between the needle plate and the ruler base. 

Hope this helps!


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