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Does anyone know why my bobbin and bobbin basket are getting hot? My 2-year old Lucey was leaking gear box grease and APQS sent me a seal to install behind the hook assembly. I did so and then re-timed her. Lucey is still sewing beautifully but I’m concerned with the warm to hot bobbin and basket.

Lucey is still leaking gear box grease, now in a different area. I’m watching it, per APQS, in case it’s just excess and will resolve itself. But, APQS hasn’t yet responded to my question about the heated parts.

Thanks for any suggestions.

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Cairns:  What are your using to control backlash in the bobbin case?  It may be that there is too much tension being put on the bobbin, and that's heating it up.  The other issue may be the bobbin you're using.  What kind?  Have you tried a different bobbin with the same heat issue?  I've found that the quality control on the manufacture of some bobbins being sold, isn't all that great, so I only buy certain brands of bobbins.  Jim

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Interesting.That’s good to know.

I’ve used only bobbins from APQS. I use a Towa and generally play till the tension is good top and bottom. Except for an occasional practice piece, I’ve only used a Superior So Fine or MicroQuilter thread.

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This is so familiar! I posted last year about the same issue. Although many suggestions were given as to adjusting tension, backlash etc, my machine was down for a LONG time of trouble shooting every issue. Skip ahead to this year and the final fix which was to replace the encoder circuit board under the carriage!

The first indication I ever had was that the stitch regulator didn't seem to regulate very well. This translated to a HOT bobbin because of irregular tension. No, it wasn't an oiling problem or my tension or timing or power source or cord issue and I use magnetic bobs. Angie helped me to check by plugging the encoder cord into the opposite side of the head (sorry I've forgotten the exact terminology) and voila, no lights flashing and the faulty board was the problem. Call her.

I am now up and running cool with beautiful stitches! Hope this helps you.


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