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Thread break indicator

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Why  does my thread break indicator keep beeping when there is no thread break?  Both tensions, top and bottom, have been adjusted until it is  out of whack! I have reviewed videos on proper threading and have even made changes to that thinking it needed more tension. I'm at a loss. Help!

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Generally the thread break indicator beeps when the thread is not being pulled thru smoothly. If your check spring is faulty, or you loose tension in the thread anywhere along the thread path from the cone to the needle..  I find that if I add a bit of batting to the first thread guide just above the thread cone, that helps a lot. 


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Thank you. Since I just couldn't figure it out I called APQS. Turns out it was a dumb beginner error! I had watched tutorials to make sure I was threading the machine right and I turned my thread indicator light back on after having it off. What I failed to realize is the tutorial I watched didn't have IQ on it. My indicator light should be off. I turned it back off and voila! :unsure:I also learned APQS has a 24/7 # to call. Two lessons learned. I won't forget either!

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