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I have for sale a gently used 2003 APQS Millennium (26-inch throat) industrial long arm machine on a 12-foot table. I added the computer program system Quilt Path 3 years ago at a cost of $9,500 USD. Quilt Path is a very versatile program and comes with free upgrades and updates FOR LIFE to whoever owns it, even if you are a second owner of the software. It is great for blocks of any shape, borders, whole cloth quilts and pantographs plus many more options. There are tons of great support people for beginners for both the Millennium and the Quilt Path. The machine comes with a built-in stitch length regulator, channel locks, automatic thread cutter, manual, and much more. I have a motorized Quilt advance system worth every penny of the $1,000 USD I paid for it. I have taken good care of her and have never had any issues with it.  The tension is easy to set, and I primarily use Glide thread and Glide magnetic bobbins. I have upgraded to the Bliss Rail system and table about 4 years ago ($3,000 USD) and all new M&M wheels and now it is as smooth as butter for great Free motion quilting. I have also upgraded the older Fluorescent light to a LED light with both white and black light which opened a wider visibility area tremendously. I also upgraded the original hopping foot to a removable ruler foot so if you are interested in acquiring new/different feet you can order them from APQS or a dealer that is close to you. The ruler base is included. (worth 140 USD new). There are several different feet you can choose from. I replaced the canvas leaders this last spring (2018) so they are nice and fresh. I have a leader grip style mounting system called Mondo clips. They are much more flexible and user friendly than the original Leader grips. They are easily removable if you have a project that you just need to quickly pin on. I have some rulers and Quilt Path Digital Designs if you would like to start off your library of designs other that the stock designs Quilt Path comes with. I will throw in a couple cones of thread to get you started. To buy brand new at today's prices would be about $30,000 USD. I have added a comparison chart below with the exchange rate from the APQS website. An APQS dealer has priced my machine at $20,000 CAD or $15,300 USD. I am open negotiationg offers if you are interested. Please email me Terry Forlin at tforlin0006@gmail.com with any questions you may have. I live in Fruitvale BC and you can come pick up or we can arrange for shipping which will be extra.

Just for comparison, what a NEW machine and software with upgrades would be in US dollars and  Canadian dollars  . *These prices are before taxes and/or brokerage fees. 

 Exchange rate: USD to CAD for the date of July 26, 2018, 1.30715

Millennium:                                                      $18,900.00 USD X 1.30715 =  $24,705.16 CANADIAN
Bliss System:                                                       1,000.00 USD X 1.30715 =       1,306.82 CANADIAN
Quilt Path Program:                                            9,500.00 USD X 1.30715 =     12,415.30 CANADIAN
Motorized Quilt Advance:                                  1,350.00 USD X 1.30715 =       1,764.05 CANADIAN
TOTALS NEW PACKAGE:                                  $29,850.00 USD X 1.30715 =  $
40,191.33 CANADIAN











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