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26" computerized Ansley with 12 foot metal frame

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I've upgraded my longarm, and I'm looking to sell my gently used TinLizzie18 Ansley26 ESP with Quilt Magician. It's TinLizzie18's top of the line machine, and it comes with a computerized system to allow greater complexity in your quilting while saving your back!

I've included pictures of some of the quilts that I quilted with this machine.
- Ansley26 ESP by TinLizzie18
- Quilt Magician robotic quilting system
- 26" throat space (gives you lots of room for larger edge-to-edge designs and means you can easily custom quilt a large block on point)
- 12 feet long with the option to set it up as 6 feet long
- sturdy metal Phoenix frame
- used for less than 2 years on less than 100 quilts
- asking $14,499
- delivery can be negotiated within 12 hours of Bozeman, Montana
- automatic bobbin winder
- automatic needle positioner
- stitch regulator (you can turn this off if you wish)
- fully adjustable handles (I really miss these on my new machine!)
- M-sized bobbins (largest bobbins on the market are a dream for edge-to-edge quilting)
- easy to transition between computerized and freehand quilting
- glides smoothly for freehand quilting
Special Features:
- stops on a dime due to a magnetic system instead of motor brushes (also doesn't wear out like brushes)
- you can lock the aspect ratio of all computerized designs (I miss this feature SO much on my new machine. It lets you do pantographs with perfect circles. Two of the pictures in the comments are proof!)
- light bar near the handles provides excellent visibility
- Baste stitch (longer stitch that makes it really easy to baste the edges of a quilt, or even baste a whole quilt if someone wanted to quilt it themselves. This is another feature I miss.)
- Idle stitch (stitch regulated, but the machine continues to stitch slowly when you stop moving. This is great for micro-stippling and other small details. It makes the small quilting beautifully smooth.)
Accessories (included with the machine):
- extended base for ruler work
- red snappers (These make loading and unloading a breeze!)
- many computerized quilting designs already loaded in the machine
- about 30 bobbins
- needles
- oil
- machine manual

Longarm for Sale.jpg

elegant swirls.jpg

the computerized system lets you quilt intricate designs with ease.jpg


perfect playful circles.jpg

more perfect circles.jpg



I'm on Facebook and Instagram as @snowydaysquilting


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