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Camera's mounted to your frame/machine may have too much vibration to actually yield a steady shot, you may have to go with a small camcorder on a tripod, the only issue is tracking your needle as you move across the quilting area. Unless you have an assistant who could work the camera and follow your needle while keeping everything in focus, you'd be stuck demoing a limited space of your quilting area (say about 3*3 feet). Most camcorders today can do a live feed if hooked up to a computer ( I wouldn't be able to name any specific model as the last camera I bought was a good 6 years ago).

If you already have a Go Pro system, you could try mounting the camera to your body with a chest harness. that way your quilting area would remain in the shot as you are constantly in front of the needle (though this may be problematic if you wanted to demo pantographs and other quilting done from the back of your machine).

You may also want to look into a separate microphone as the ones in your camera/Go Pro may not be able to pick up your voice depending on distance and the noise from your machine. One of those small clip on mics that you see news anchors wearing would probably do the trick and I doubt they are super expensive.

Hope this helps!

Sorry I couldn't name any specific items for you, but I've found that with electronics, a lot is based off personal need/taste.

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