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Hello all,

My needle continuously break.

Millennium, usually in stitch regulator mode.  

Seems like I am moving the machine head faster than the needle moves and  the needle breaks.  I rarely get through a quilt without 2-3 needs breaking,  Sometimes more.  

Any troubleshooting guidance is appreciated.  So frustrating to operate this way.

Thank you,

Jamie Bennett

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I actually try to stay off stitch regulator.  For me, I started free motion embroidery back in 1982, so I move my hands 'a little differently',  I think than someone who may be used to stitch regulator.  Perhaps your speed in stitch regulator isn't matching the 'cadence' of the movement of your hands.  Just a thought.  Maybe speed up your speed in stitch regulator or turn it off and 'be completely free'!


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Sounds more like a timing problem to me.  If your timing isn't just right, when your needle deflects, it can hit the hook and break.  Check your needle bar height too.  It may be a bit too low.  

Are you sure you're using the proper needle, and an appropriate size?  If you're using one smaller than size 16 (3.5), you may be getting excessive flex which might cause the problem.  In fact I switched from MR type needles to Schmetz SERV 7 type needles a couple of years ago, and that almost eliminated any needle breaks for me.  The improvement is because the Schmetz needles are stiffer than their MR equivalent.  good luck.  Jim

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